Comments of Grant Recipients

  • “I am a single mom but I make my son’s needs a priority.  This often means that other family household needs are put on hold.  This award certainly helps and is much appreciated.”

  • “We live in Central Florida and have very few physicians who have the experience and detailed knowledge that the Emory team has.  We are now current with the latest interventions, educational and therapeutic protocols to help our daughter achieve independence and happiness in her life.”

  • “We would not have been able to afford the clinic visit without this support.”

  • “Receiving the grant from the Fly With Me Fund means a lot to a family with 3 kids and a stay-at-home Mom and we consider it a real blessing.  We had no reservations about coming to Louisville for the clinic but the cost for travel and an overnight stay was a bit of a concern.  The grant was wonderful.”

  • “As a single mom raising a special needs child with no financial assistance, every penny counts… thank you!”

  • “Thanks for allowing me to submit the request on behalf of this family.  I am happy to know that the Fly With Me Fund can be such a help to our families.”  Debbie L, Clinic Coordinator
  • “Wow! What a blessing and financial relief.  We set aside a little money each month to prepare for our annual trip to the clinic.  This can be challenging especially with the increasing prices of day to day necessities.  When we heard about the grant we were overjoyed.  Thank you for being so generous.”

  • “It is such a blessing to have a program that helps our son receive the best care possible.”

  • “The grant is very beneficial especially for families that wouldn’t be able to make the trip otherwise.”

  • “Our clinic visit was invaluable.  We received wonderful ideas on adjusting medications and the medical director continues to be available to assist us as we work to establish a new local doctor.”

  • “The Fly With Me Fund helped pay for my family and I to travel and stay at Stone Mountain Campground. The staff at Emory Fragile X Clinic were very helpful in searching for campgrounds to accommodate our son’s anxieties with traveling.  It was a wonderful trip for us all.  We felt very blessed to be in a room of people where we didn’t have to explain Fragile X Syndrome to everyone.  We learned several new things and the staff was very patient with answering our many questions.  We greatly appreciate all the help as we strive to better understand Fragile X so we can better help both of our sons as they grow.”

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