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In 2001, we welcomed our son Justin into the world.  Our loving family was complete with a daughter and now our son.   What we didn’t know was that this beautiful child would reveal a secret about our family that we never knew.  As Justin grew, his development was delayed.  It followed a different path than that of our daughter.  It was clear something was wrong.

His behavior sometimes resembled autism, but not exactly.  Justin always showed an interest in social interaction, but had great difficulty achieving that.  Doctors struggled with a diagnosis, suggesting sensory integration dysfunction, but not autism.  When Justin was 4 ½ he suffered his first seizure, a grand mal so grand the doctors were certain he would not completely recover.  Fortunately, he did and we found a doctor that was able to put a name to his problem, Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic disorder.

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Help the Fly with Me Fund raise necessary funds to help families living with Fragile X Syndrome. Thank you for making a difference in their lives.

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